FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* Is there a mobile app of dPAC?
Not at the moment. Learn more about it

* Do I need a Strava Premium account to be able to synchronize workouts?

* Is it possible to export Virtual Coach workouts to other platforms or devices?
Yes. Learn more about it

* If I upload more than one workout per day (for instance, a gym workout and a bike workout) in which workout should I register the external stress factors (ESS) and sleep quality?
You only need to register in one of the workouts (any of them), and the metrics will be registered for the day of that workout. If for some reason you register in more than one workout in the same day, the ones that will be assumed are the 'worst case' ones. For instance, if in one workout you register 'Good day' and in another 'Average day', it will be 'Average day' that will be assumed for that day.

* How can I remove power spikes caused by power meter bad readings that were recorded and are possibly affecting the dynamic metrics calculations?
There are two possible ways to remove power spikes:

1st option - You can search for the workout that has those spikes, then click on the workout to edit it, then click on 'Edit Power Records' on top of the MMP graph. There you can change the power spikes to more 'reasonable' or realist values.

2nd option - You can search for the Power Record in question in the Power Records page and simply delete it.The first option is the most recommended, because in case you delete the Power Record but in the future, for some reason you edit the workout that generated that PR, the PR will appear again.

* What is Efficiency Factor or EFF?
EFF is an acronym for Efficiency Factor, which is basically a useful metric to track the relationship between average heart rate and average power. A higher value of EFF on average usually is a sign of improved fitness.