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What is dPAC?

A web application packed with the most important performance analysis and coaching features, dedicated for cyclists and triathletes. Ranging from the inexperienced to the most demanding pro athletes, dPAC can help you reach your goals!

It was created for athletes that live in a real world, where a lot of factors can influence training and recovery. Daily life stress, sickness or improper sleep can have a meaningful impact when preparing for a target event or goal. dPAC takes these factors into account when estimating your form and most important training metrics!

Main features

DPMC - Dynamic PMC

Keep track of training load throughout the season, taking into account external factors to training & recovery (daily life, sleep, etc).

You can also keep track of modern metrics like HRV or use traditional ones like resting heart rate.

Dynamic power metrics calculation

Detects the Mean Maximum Power (MMP) records for key durations and automatically does a complete metabolic evaluation of the athelte.

VLamax       VO2max       FTP       FATmax

Estimates with precision these essential metrics that otherwise would only be accessible in expensive laboratory evaluations!

Energy combustion rates calculator for improved fueling strategies!

Virtual Coach

Get automatic training advice based on your current training progress and planned season goals.

Strava Integration

   Synchronize all your Strava activity history for an easier "on-boarding".

   Upload your workouts directly to Strava via dPAC.

   Keep your account synchronized with Strava with a simple click.

Garmin Connect Integration

📥 Automatic synchronization of workouts and activities.

⌚ Integration of wellness metrics from tracking devices like watches and wristbands, directly into the DPMC!

📅 Scheduling of Virtual Coach workouts directly to Garmin Connect.

TrainingPeaks Integration

Download logged workouts and metrics from TrainingPeaks


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